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Life inevitably hands us messes, pain, chaos, distress, confusion, and left-hooks. There was a time we didn’t know we had a choice in how to move forward, but if you are reading this I am guessing you’ve come to realize (or at least be curious about) the fact that you are much more powerful than you ever gave yourself credit. So now what do you do? What if you had an unfailing tool kit that allowed you to not only move past what has happened but turn it into your greatest assets with nothing more than what you have already been given? If that sounds nice, keep reading 👀 ⬇️

Find Freedom

I was once a girl who was paralyzed by fear and anxiety. I chased oblivion because I felt a victim to my own aliveness. I was overwhelmed by years of compounding trauma and chronic stress. I didn’t think there was a way out. 

Until I heard a little voice inside of me whisper, “there must be a better way.” 

I started to claw my way inch by inch into the sunlight. Progress was slow at times and unbelievable at others. I found true freedom and that is what matters to me the most – a free mind. 

Lessons in Alchemy is the culmination of all the tools I’ve found transformative and worthwhile on my path to freedom. I know they work and I want to give them to you. 

What if you had a tool kit always with you to turn the messy and painful moments life inevitably provides into your greatest assets?  


transform into something more beautiful or elevated.
“A caterpillar can transfigure into a butterfly through a process called metamorphosis.”



change in form, nature, or substance.
“She transmuted her most painful memories into her greatest strengths.”



co-create with natural elements of the universe to make evident beliefs held in the mind.
“She manifested the perfect opportunity.”


to communicate with or express an energy source or purpose greater than yourself. 
“She channeled the next steps for her divine path.”


to strengthen mentally or physically.
“the girl was fortified by her faith in the work she had done, herself, and the process.”


to cease resistance and give in to the influence of.
“She abandoned her old ideas and doubts, surrendering to faith in the process.”

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The magic is already within you. Do you know how to access it?

Each week we will explore the tools that each lesson provides in a guided 1:1 setting. You will also have access to the community of other alchemists. Your life is here, why wait?

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Starter Guide

Download the 11 Lessons in Alchemy

What to Expect 


Week 1

  • Receive Workbook and Supplies
  • Welcoming Ceremony
  • Lesson 1: Sit Down & Shut Up (intro to meditation)

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1 Hour Session

Week 2

  • Lesson 2: Neutralize
  • Exploring Your Inner War
  • Journaling Work and Recommended Exercises

You Schedule

1 Hour Session

Week 3

  • Lesson 3: Decide and Direct
  • Creating Curiosity
  • Putting an End to the Things You’ve Been Just Tolerating 

You Schedule

1 Hour Session

Week 4

  • Lesson 4: Take Inventory
  • What Are You Working With?
  • Finding Fertile Ground

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1 Hour Session

Week 5

  • Lesson 5: Radically Accept 
  • Greif in Motion
  • Self Love and Inner Child Work

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1 Hour Session

Week 6

  • Lesson 6: Energize (Move – Breathe)
  • Yoga, Breath-work, & Guided Meditation
  • Personalized Practice Reccomendations 

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1 Hour Session

Week 7

  • Lesson 7: Connect and Channel
  • Sacred Surrender
  • Learning to Listen

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1 Hour Session

Week 8

  • Lesson 8: Express
  • The Art of Co-Creating
  • Journal Work and Creative Exploration

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1 Hour Session

Week 9

  • Lesson 9: Give Purpose
  • Explore Your Dharma
  • The Sacred Art of Being of Service

You Schedule

1 Hour Session

Week 10

  • Lesson 10: Surrender
  • The Alignment of Faith
  • Ceremony of Surrender

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1 Hour Session

Week 11

  • Lesson 11: Celebrate and Fortify
  • Fortifying a New Empire
  • Ceremony of Release

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1 Hour Session

Meet Your Guide

Hello love! My name is Abigail Dean. I am an alchemist, certified yoga instructor, published author, and artist. I was born knowing my magic, but after seemingly relentless years of it being domesticated out of me, I forgot it. I was a very sad young human who felt empty and chased people and substances that made me feel numb, cold, and hollow. I followed that path into oblivion. 

I sat in strangling darkness.. but I knew there had to be a different way. I was at the end of my rope and felt like everything was falling down around me, so I started grasping at any shed of hope that came my way. 

Slowly I clawed my way back to the surface. And then I realized the past I was laying on was fertile, fertile ground. The darkness was not empty but had given me everything I need. So I started exploring my own magic and co-creative powers until I achieved some of the things I had always dreamed of achieving. 

Five years later, here I am offering you the lessons I have learned along the way in a process I still use today. Because life will inevitably hand you lemons. Do you know how to turn them into delicious lemonade?

What the Private Academy Includes:

Lessons in Alchemy Journal/Workbook

This is a detailed 75 page journal and workbook guiding you through exercises of each lesson that you get to keep.

($98 value)

Alchemic Gift Bundle

A gift bundle honoring your commitment to your own growth with small tools that can help keep you grounded during the process.

($98 value)

11 Private Sessions

We will spend 11 private sessions developing your Alchemic tool kit. We will go one at a time through each lesson together discussing how each one relates to your unique journey and exploring specific exercises that will be most beneficial to you.

($1,800 value)

Access to the Online Modules Forever

Because you are joining this private program, you will also be invited to the live stream events that will live in the online course with opportunities to further and explore even more exercises and tools than we may be able to cover in your 1:1 sessions. These live streams will also serve as a Q&A for you to ask questions that come up after your sessions. 

($1,100 value)


Hey Abigail! I want to thank you again for the session on Saturday. I've had a couple situations come up in the past 2 days where I could have easily done what I always do. I reminded myself of what I want to change and the thoughts I had on Saturday and I held my ground and didn't fold. THANK YOU!


I’ve seen the incredible support and guidance you provide through Lessons in Alchemy. It’s inspiring to see someone address the internal struggles many of us face daily. Your approach goes beyond the surface, offering real strategies for finding peace within our own minds. Anyone feeling at war with themselves would be fortunate to learn from your wisdom. Keep shining your light and helping others transform their challenges into triumphs. Your work is truly a form of modern-day alchemy


"Good morning Abigail. I just wanted to reach out this morning to say thank you. After yoga I always feel so energized the next day. You have a very soothing voice that makes it very easy for me to get into a good head space for yoga and as we start to move and stretch my focus is on my mat and not the worries of the world . I deal with a lot of self esteem issues and your kind words during your class always make me feel good. The one that always sticks out in my mind is star pose. I deserve to take up space in this world. So thank you for helping me realize that and hold onto it. Also Allyssa doesn't pick up many hobbies or exercise but she loves your class and really likes doing yoga, it has helped with her flexibility , strength and I can see a difference in her whole being after yoga. You are making a difference in the world and I wanted to let you know that you have helped me. So from the most sincere part of my heart , Thank you. Namaste"


Abigail is a phenomenal yoga teacher. She tailors each session to what my body needs, and her calming flows bring me peace for hours.


Abigail is delightful; professional, kind, sweet, smart and an excellent yogi. She brings her warm energy up to motivate you and is yet always calm and provides a relaxing vibe. I thoroughly enjoy her private yoga sessions!

Michael N.

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